Kiera Lawlor

As the Director of Happiness & People at Social Chain, I am responsible for growing and developing our culture. By constantly developing incentives and introducing different ways to make the workplace an exciting environment we have created a culture that is unique to the traditional workplace.


We pride ourselves on having people at the forefront of everything we do, our employees are our greatest asset. In two years we’ve experienced phenomenal growth as a company, expanding from 20 to 100+ people. My main priority during this time has been to retain the specialness. Running an office where puppies, ball pits, a bar and unlimited holidays are everyday life, this is far more than just a job to me, it is my passion. At Social Chain we celebrate everything, whether its birthdays, each person gets a gift, cake and is serenaded at their desk by the team, national days where I arrange anything from cupcakes to crazy golf or a big win, each team has their own song which is played and are presented with champagne & sparklers.


We have such a talented team and encourage companywide skill sharing, we hold ‘Thirsty Thursdays’ held by a member of the team each week where they share their knowledge in a tutorial type set up. Wellbeing and mindfulness is an important part of our culture. The happiness doesn’t start and end in the office, we aim to give the team skills they can take home with them. Every Tuesday we hold yoga and meditation sessions. On Wednesday’s it’s ‘Lunch & Learn’ with topics ranging from self-defense skills, confidence building, mental health awareness and drop in therapy sessions. Self-development is at the forefront of my priorities as a Director of Happiness, with each team having happiness meetings with myself throughout the year.


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